First Sisterhood SA Pty Kit Delivery

Delivery to Kama Secondary School

It was with immense gratitude and excitement that we delivered our first batch of sanitary kits to Kama Secondary School in New Brighton today. Andile, the principal understands the value our kits can bring to young girls in the school and is extremely excited and so supportive of our project.

Siphokazi was brilliant at working through the sanitary kit with the young girls, staff and teachers in Xhosa and English. The teachers were so impressed with the educational aspect of the kit as well as the link to the website that provides more information on personal health for young girls and women.

In  2 months they return the surveys about the kits for commentary which we can use for product improvement. We owe Andile a shirt, he was very impressed with our logo.

We thank the school for their participation in the project, being our first delivery, indeed a special time for us all. We are very proud to be on this journey with the school as we venture into Africa.