Our Story

“A winner is just a dreamer that never gave up.”

~ Nelson Mandela

How it all began

A journey of 3 years has finally been realized!

Sheer Africanacity and a good old dose of 2 pints of Celtic tenacity where the drinking gene should have been and we have arrived! When I started this journey in 2019 everyone said that it had to be done in Cape Town. On my first port of call to Propella Incubator, Anita Palmer said to me clearly. Telling me my concept is brilliant, more doors will close than will open, there will be many disappointments, persevere and be tenacious. Having to teach more men with the purse strings about periods than any woman should ever have to, here we are! Trying to find the right fit of people, funding in SA being the biggest challenge along with having a completely new idea, never tried and tested and having to have more self-belief than the market had for me, it has been a real journey of ups and downs and sheer frustration. Backwards and forwards with experts in the medical field, with business people and suppliers trying to find the perfect fit.

We, as African women have persevered, taken the challenge and found our way to support ourselves on a continent where we are lucky if 10% of African women go for their annual checkups every year. Where education and knowledge surrounding preventative measures and disease are not forthcoming on the unspoken subject. Learning that in the UK over 70% of young girls do not understand what is happening to their bodies when they start their period. It’s a collective need that speaks to the environment at little expense as a byproduct of education, health, affordability, accessibility and durability.

We invite the international market to support us on our journey of empowering women around the globe with the necessary product and information for self-care.

We thank you all and look forward to a long and well-established journey together.